Collaboration works done by galaxias!
(Kou Shibasaki + DECO*27 + TeddyLoid) and VOCALOID!


VOCALOID3 voice library galaco

-galaco, originated from an inspiration of Kou Shibasaki and arranged by the famous illustrator KEI and Tamago to VOCALOID style, is now fully ready to be introduced in public.

-"Galaco" is the limited edition of VOCALOID3 voice library (which is not for sale) to be released as a present for special participation award of "VOCALOID3 commemorative release competition" hosted by Nico Nico Douga.

-This library is now being released to all creaters of movies (and songs) from Yamaha which has gathered one thousand views or more, by downloading library online.

-Please refer to the link below (please note the link are available in Japanese only) to see how to participate in this event.

※This library is produced as a collaboration works of Yamaha Corporation and Stardust Music, Inc., and developed by Internet Co., Ltd. and us.


VOCALOID™3 Library
galaco (not for sale)

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Character Profile

Name : galaco
Strong Genre : Pops, Ballad
Recommended Voice Range : F2 - G4
Recommended Tempo : 60 - 175 BPM

Terms of Use for galaco (character and voice library)

This term applies to the usage of the following related to galaco:

A. Character Name of "galaco"

B. Character images and illustrations

C. Voice Library

1) Any derivative works and fan arts originated from galaco (includes but not limited to any of above guideline), and any derived sound source originated from VOCALOID library obtaind by a user in a regular route, will be given permission from the right holder to use such works on web sites or in coterie market for personal, nonprofit use (includes small scale distribution and streaming), while those works do not violate or impair our rights of original work.

2) Please contact and inquire us for any commercial purpose, corporative issue, press usage, official logo usage, and any other questionable matter.

3) We reserve the right to append or edit this term without a notice.



Those art works are available from the link (attached on the name of illustrator) below. Please read and agree to our terms of use above before proceeding.



Sample Demo


Wallpaper is available below.


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About Musical Unit "galaxias!"


The unit started runnning by Kou Shibasaki, DECO*27, and TeddyLoid, with the concept of "creating totally unique music with free imatination".
Their first album "galaxias!" was released on November, 2011.
galaco was created from an inspiration of Kou Shibasaki, and took part in their first album, as her first appearance in public.

galaxias! official site (Japanese only)