Noble and supreme DNA to test your imagination


The Future of "Mew" (Possibilities) is in Your Hands...

"Mew" is a singer library created based on artist Miu Sakamoto's voice. You can now create songs with the lovely and transparent voice that faithfully reproduces the DNA (components) of Miu Sakamoto's voice.

The music that Mew will be sining to is up to your imagination.

It is up to you to bring out Mew's potential in full.

* Mew, the name for the library comes from how Miu is pronounced, and from the sound that a cat makes, since Miu loves cats.

●Recommended tempo: 65~150BPM
●Recommended note range: G2~G4


VOCALOID™3 Library

VOCALOID™3 Library Mew

VOCALOID™3 Library

- Product number: V3LB0003JP
- Item No.: V3LB0003EUDL
- Standard retail price: 12,800 yen (tax included)


- Manufactured and distributed by: Yamaha Corporation
- Hard disk space: 2G + over 200MB of empty hard disk space

Minimum system requirements

- OS: Windows 8(32/64bit) / Windows 7 (32/64bit)
*Works on 32 bit exchange mode for 64bit Windows 7 , Windows 8.

- CPU: Celeron Dual Core over 2.1GHz

- RAM: over 1GB

- Other: There is a need for your computer to be connected to the Internet when working with or conducting DVD-ROM drive/sound device/activation.



Miu Sakamoto Character Voice


Born on May 1, and grew up in Tokyo until age 9.
In April 1990, when her parents decided to move to New York to continue their music careers, she moved in with her family and spent her teenage years surrounded by nature in a suburb of New York.
Sang vocals for Ryuichi Sakamoto featuring Sister M's "The Never Ending Story" in January 1997.

Released "TETSUDOIN", the theme song for the 1999 movie, "Railroad Man (Poppoya)".
Graduated her local high school in June of the same year (class of 1999)!
Really began her music career in September with her first full album, "Dawn Pink".
Released "The Never Ending Story" to be used for Honda's campaign commercial for environment and safety in November 2005.

Released her album "Harmonious" in May 2006.
Made an appearance in a TV commercial for YEBISU's new beer in March 2007.
Released her album, "Oboro Kanata Akari Kehai", in December 2007.
Released her album, "Zoy", in November 2008.
Released her album, "PHANTOM girl" in May 2010.

Started "aquadrops", an line of personally designed and made accessories in the Spring of 2003, and published her first book of illustrated poetry, "aqua", in September 2003. In 2003, she also did her first Japanese translations for picture books about cats (one with an original CD). Translated the picture book, "Smartypants Pete In School", to Japanese in a collaborative effort with Akiko Yano which was published in October 2007, and continues to be active in multiple fields while going back and forth between New York and Tokyo with her cats to make music.

Miu Sakamoto's Official Blog