Regarding Support for VOCALOID for macOS 11 Big Sur(Updated 22. Dec 2020)

Intel CPU-equipped Macs

Use of VOCALOID Editor Version 5.6.1 or later is now supported on macOS 11 Big Sur.
Please update to the latest version before using.
However, please check the macOS 11 Big Sur support status of any DAW you may use when using VOCALOID5 in conjunction with VTS/AU (Audio Units).

*We have confirmed an issue with the VOCALOID4.5 Editor for Cubase in which some characters do not display correctly in the menu in macOS 11 Big Sur.
If you are using macOS 11 Big Sur, please be aware of this when running the VOCALOID4.5 Editor for Cubase.


Apple Silicon Macs

We are currently running system operational verification tests.
Please be aware that until we can verify compatibility with our products, these systems will not be officially supported.