Announcement about the Change of the Communication Encryption Method in the Product Authorization(Activation) Server

Thank you for your continued patronage of VOCALOID.
Please be advised that we will no longer use the "TLS 1.0" and "TLS 1.1" encryption protocols, which are currently used to authorize VOCALOID products. For security reasons, we will change to the "TLS 1.2" encryption protocol as of the date shown below.

After that date, in some rare circumstances, you may not be able to authorize (activate) and/or deauthorize (deactivate) your product online in some of the situations described below.
If that happens, please check the measures described later to handle the situation.



October 23, 2019, 11:00 (JST)
Server maintenance will be conducted when this change is made.


Situations where your product may be affected

(1) When you authorize your product online for the first time after purchasing it
(2) If you deauthorize your product online before migrating it to a different computer
(3) If you authorize your product online again before using it on a different computer


What you should do if you fail to authorize or deauthorize the product

For Windows

(a) Check the version of your OS.
How to:
Press the R key while pressing the Windows key, type "winver", and then click [OK].
Check the version of Windows in the dialog box that appears.

Windows 8.1 and later support "TLS 1.2".
Upgrade your OS to Windows 8.1 or later.

* Windows 7 can support the applicable protocol if you perform the following two steps:
(a-1) In Windows Update, apply the update program KB3140245.
(a-2) Run the Easy Fix tool from Microsoft.
For details, see the page below. You can download the Easy Fix tool from the "Easy fix" section on this page:

(b) Select [Advanced] in [Internet Options] to check if the "TLS 1.2" check box is selected.
How to:
In the [Internet Options] window, select the [Advanced] tab.
Under the [Settings] section, find [Security] and check [Use TLS 1.2]. 


If it is not selected, select it and click the [OK] button.

* Do not change your existing "Use TLS 1.0" and "Use TLS 1.1" settings.
Otherwise, you may not be able to access websites that have been previously accessible.


For macOS

(a) If you use VOCALOID Editor for Cubase, VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase, VOCALOID3 Voicebanks, or VOCALOID4 Voicebanks

Check the version of License Manager.
How to:
Use the app icon to open the menu, select [Get Info], and check the version.

License Manager version 4.5.0 and later support "TLS 1.2".
If License Manager on your Mac is version 4.2.1 or older, visit the website below to upgrade it.
The License Manager version 4.5.0 update program is available from:

(b) Check the version of your OS.

How to:
At the top-left corner of the screen, click the Apple icon to open the Apple menu, and select [About This Mac].
You will see the name for macOS (such as macOS Mojave), followed by the version number.

Mac OS 10.11 and later support "TLS 1.2".
Upgrade your OS to Mac OS 10.11 or later.

If you cannot perform the steps above, or if you still cannot activate or deactivate your product even after following the steps above, you can activate or deactivate it offline.
For details, see the following pages:

VOCALOID Authorizer (VOCALOID5 authorization)

VOCALOID Authorizer (VOCALOID5 deauthoraization)

License Manager (VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase, VOCALOID4 Voicebanks, VOCALOID3 Voicebanks activtion)

License Manager (VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase, VOCALOID4 Voicebanks, VOCALOID3 Voicebanks deactivation)

* If you activate or deactivate your product offline, you still need License Manager version 4.5.0 or later.

We look forward to your further patronage in the future.

Visit the following page if you have any inquiries about this matter: