VOCALOID5 STANDARD + Macne Nana English

A special package of "Macne Nana English" and "VOCALOID5 STANDARD".

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"Macne Nana" was conceputualized in the magazine columns with Haruna Ikezawa, a voice actress who has 
huge passion for Macintosh products. Nana's voice is featured with a clear, cheerful and cute tone.

*AHS technical support is provided in Japanese.

With VOCALOID5, more richly expressive singing has become possible. Also, a number of new functions useful in composing music are installed.

VOCALOID5 Features:
- Significant advances in GUI design (for easy and intuitive operation)
- VST/AU plugins and standalone versions (Windows/Mac)
- Attack & Release Effect for more realistic vocal expression
- 1,000 pre-edited phrases (MIDI) for immediate use
- 1,000 vocal audio sample files other than singing voices (Version 5.1.0)
- Voicebanks from Yamaha for a wide range of vocal expression from POP to R&B
- More than 100 vocal styles for a variety of musical genres
- VOCALOID3 and VOCALOID4 libraries (Voicebanks) supported *1
- VOCALOID4.5 Editor for Cubase (which supports VOCALOID5 Voicebanks) included *2
*1VOCALOID2 is not supported.
*2 Does not support features that are unique to VOCALOID5.

Voicebanks from Yamaha for a wide range of vocal expression from POP to R&B.
- Amy: Female English voice for driving, modern vocals. Her natural pronunciation and diverse vocal sounds are perfect from R&B to pop.
- Chris: Male English voice for authentic R&B vocals. His voice covers a wide range from sweet and soft lows to powerful high tones.
- Kaori: Female Japanese voice for soulful vocals. Her full, resonant voice is perfect for powerful genres of music.
- Ken: Sharp and transparent male Japanese voice for light J-pop vocals.

Demo songs


Character Name:Macne Nana Official Website

(* Character's official website is Japanese version only.)

Character Voice:Haruna Ikezawa

Bonus contents

VOCALOID4.5 Editor for Cubase, which supports VOCALOID5 voicebanks, is included. *

* Functions that are new in VOCALOID5 cannot be used.


This product includes extra contents including other software application in the data. For details, please go to the official product webpage.

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●AHS Support Number: Needed to get support for your AHS product.
●Charamin Studio License Key: Needed to activate Charamin Studio.
●VOCALOID SHOP DOWNLOAD CODE: Needed to download your installer program.

This product is valid for use on one computer only.
You cannot use it on Windows and Mac OS X simultaneously.
If you would like to use this product on both platforms or on multiple computers at the same time, please purchase an additional copy.
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Official website

* Please submit any inquiries about this product using this official site.
* AHS technical support is provided in Japanese.

* Japanese version only.


Product name VOCALOID5 STANDARD + Macne Nana English
Product model number V5STDMACNENANAENG
Hard disk space 23GB(*)
Sales Yamaha Corporation
Planning Macne Nana Project R
Yamaha Corporation
Language English
Recommended range Macne Nana English : F2 - G5
Recommended tempo Macne Nana English : 77 - 277BPM

(*) When using VOCALOID5 standalone, check the capacity for using all voicebanks. When using a DAW, check the capacity of the DAW as well.

Copyright (C) 2005-2016 AHS Co. Ltd.
Macne Nana Project R

VOCALOID5 STANDARD + Macne Nana English

USD 274.77 (before tax)

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