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Installing an additional VST plug-in caused VOCALOID4 Editor not to start correctly.

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The software may be trying to read a VST plug-in that cannot be loaded correctly.

Follow the steps below to prevent the software from reading such a plug-in, and then restart VOCALOID4 Editor.

(1) Move all files, except for the "V3Comp.dll" and "V3Reverb.dll" files, from VOCALOID4-Editor-installation-folder/VSTPlugins to a different folder.
By default, VOCALOID4 Editor is installed to the following folders:
- 32-bit OS: C:/Program Files/VOCALOID4/Editor
- 64-bit OS: C:/Program Files(x86)/VOCALOID4/Editor

(2) Delete the following file:
* AppData folder is a hidden folder.
To show this folder, change the settings in Explorer. For details, see the Windows help and Microsoft website.

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