Guidelines on Use of Characters (VY1, VY2, CYBER DIVA, CYBER SONGMAN, Amy, Chris, Kaori, Ken, HARUKA, AKITO, SARAH, ALLEN)

These Guidelines on Use of Characters (hereafter referred to as "these Guidelines") are guidelines concerning use of the VOCALOID Voicebank characters "VY1", "VY2", "CYBER DIVA", "CYBER SONGMAN", "Amy", "Chris", "Kaori",  "Ken", "HARUKA", "AKITO", "SARAH", and "ALLEN" that are conceived and sold by Yamaha Corporation (hereafter referred to as "Yamaha").

Article 1 Definitions

These characters indicate each of the characters that have been created for Yamaha's VOCALOID Voicebank products, i.e. "VY1", "VY2", "CYBER DIVA", "CYBER SONGMAN", "Amy", "Chris", "Kaori", "Ken", "HARUKA", "AKITO", "SARAH", and "ALLEN" (twelve characters, hereafter collectively referred to as "the Product") and refer to all of the images, character designs and character names that are used in the Product and sale promotion goods for the Product on Yamaha's webpage, etc.

Article 2 License

Yamaha licenses you (an individual or legal entity) to use, irrespective of commercial or non-commercial purposes, these characters and derivative works of these characters in relation to the Product or VOCALOID. Within the said scope, it is not necessary to make a prior inquiry or application to Yamaha.

Article 3 Agreement to Terms of Use, Etc.

Notwithstanding the provisions of the above article, the following uses are prohibited:

  1. Use that grossly damages the image of VOCALOID and these characters
  2. Use that runs counter to public morals and social ethics
  3. Use that violates or risks violating the rights of any third party
  4. Use that invites misunderstanding with Yamaha's official products

Contact for other inquiries concerning use

Article 4 Exemptions

Yamaha bears no liability whatsoever regarding use of these characters (including use of derivative works). Please use at your own risk and responsibility.

Article 5 Revision of these Guidelines

Yamaha can revise the contents of these Guidelines upon giving notice of the fact of revision and revised parts on its website, etc.

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