Purchase-related FAQ

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Q I lost the e-mail after purchasing a product, and I don't remember the serial code. Will you send me the serial code again?

We cannot resend e-mails that contain serial codes, and we cannot reissue serial codes.

Please save your serial code in a safe location, such as writing it down in a notebook.

Q How can I view my purchase history?

Refer to the transaction completed e-mails that were sent with each purchase.

Your purchase history is not available on this site or from the customer center.

Please save the e-mail that is sent each time you purchase a product.

Q Can I use both the Windows version and the Mac version of a product at the same time?

A single serial code allows you to use a product on only a single computer.

To use a product on multiple computers at the same time, please purchase a copy of the product for each computer.

In that case, a separate serial code will be provided with each purchase.

Q How can I cancel my order?

Please contact Digital River GmbH.


The product is eligible for a refund if returned within 14 days.

Q Can I use the voice banks (HARUKA/AKITO/SARAH/ALLEN) bundled in VOCALO CHANGER PLUGIN with VOCALOID6 Editor?

No, those voicebanks don’t work with VOCALOID6 Editor because those are exclusive to VOCALO CHANGER PLUGIN.

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