Q I have an older version of the VOCALOID voicebank. Can I use them on VOCALOID6 Editor?

Voicebanks of VOCALOID3, VOCALOID4, and VOCALOID5 are available on VOCALOID6.

Moreover, there are no settings required for loading these voicebanks with VOCALOID6 Editor.
VOCALOID6 Editor automatically loads them at startup.

Project files (VSQX and VPR) created with VOCALOID3, VOCALOID4, and VOCALOID5 can also be loaded.

Q Can I use VOCALOID6 Editor as a standalone software?

Yes. You can use the software in Standalone mode.
Additionally, VOCALOID6 Editor can work as a VSTi/AU plug-in when you use a digital audio workstation (DAW).
However, the software does not function in Standalone mode and as a VSTi/AU plugin at the same time.

Q How can I import the backtrack (karaoke) audio?

You can import WAV files by dragging them directly into VOCALOID6 Editor.
MP3 and other formats cannot be loaded, so please convert them to WAV format.