VOCALOID6 Trial Version Installation and Authorization (Mac)

VOCALOID6 consists of two softwares: the VOCALOID6 Editor, which is software for editing VOCALOID data, and the Voicebank, which contains VOCALOID voice data.

This article explains how to install the Mac version of VOCALOID6 (Editor and Voicebank) for those who have purchased VOCALOID6.

1. Download VOCALOID6 files

Download the VOCALOID6 free trial version files from the link below, which include the VOCALOID6 Editor free trial version, the Voicebanks free trial version, and related files.

In the following descriptions, "free trial version" is omitted from each software name.
VOCALOID6 Editor Free Trial Version -> VOCALOID6 Editor / Voicebank Free Trial Version -> Voicebank

2. Decompress the files and prepare the VOCALOID6 Editor installer

Open the folder where you saved the files downloaded in step 1, find the folder and open "VOCALOID6_Trial_mac".

*By default, the files are saved in the [Download] folder.
*File names may change depending on when they were downloaded.
*The alphanumeric characters at the end of the file name indicate the software version, which varies depending on when the file was downloaded.

The downloaded file is compressed in zip format. By default, Mac OS automatically decompresses files when downloading.

If the file is not automatically unzip, right-click (or control-click) the downloaded "VOCALOID6_mac.zip" file and select [Open with] - [Archive utility (default)] to unzip the file.

Open the folder and double-click to launch the file "VOCALOID6_Editorr_6.0.0.dmg".
*The alphanumeric characters at the end of the file name indicate the software version, which varies depending on when the file was downloaded.

A new window will open and the file "VOCALOID6 Editor Installer.pkg" will appear. Double-click "VOCALOID6 Editor Installer.pkg" to launch the installer.

*The software for installing a software is called an "installer".

3.Install VOCALOID6 Editor

When the installer starts, the following confirmation message will appear. Click [Allow].

The installer has started. Click [Continue].

The "VOCALOID6 Product END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT" will appear. This agreement is the one that appears in any computer software. It describes what the user of the software must abide by.

Please read the contents and click [Continue] button.

A message will appear asking if you accept "VOCALOID6 Product END USER LICENSE AGREEMENT". Click [Agree].

You can return to the previous page for reviewing the agreement by selecting [Read License].

The location to be installed will appear. If there are multiple locations available for installation, you can change the destination. Select any location.

After confirming the contents, click [Install].

You need to allow VOCALOID6 Editor installation for Mac. Enter the password you have set on your Mac or use Touch ID to allow the installation.

The installation will begin. Please keep the screen open and wait until the installation finishes. Please pay attention to the battery level.

The installation has completed when the following screen is displayed. Select [Close] to finish the installation process.

After installation is complete, a message may appear asking if you want to delete the installer. Since the installer is no longer required, there is no problem with deleting it.

4.Installation of Voicebanks

Next, let's install Voicebanks.

Open the folder downloaded and unzipped in step 1, and double-click "VOCALOID6_Voicebanks_6.0.0.dmg".

A new window will open and the file "VOCALOID6_Voicebanks_Installer.pkg" will appear. Double-click "VOCALOID6_Voicebanks_Installer.pkg" to launch the installer.

The installation steps is the same as the VOCALOID6 Editor installation. Please follow the instructions to proceed the installation.

When the following screen is displayed, the installation is complete.

5. Startup and authentication of VOCALOID6 Editor

Let's launch VOCALOID6 Editor after installation.

VOCALOID6 Editor is placed in the "Applications" folder. Open the Applications folder or click the Launchpad icon in the Dock and double-click the [VOCALOID6 Editor] icon to start it.

When you start VOCALOID6 Editor, the following message (Authorization screen) will appear.

Select [Free trial].

Next, a screen that promotes Voicebanks authorization is displayed. Click [No] to use it as a free trial version.

The free trial version of Voicebank will run for 31 days only. After the free period, you can continue using the product by purchasing it. After purchasing the product, select [Yes] on the previous screen and enter the Serial code in the "VOCALOID Authorizer" software for authentication that is launched.

If the startup screen is displayed, all installation work is completed. Please enjoy VOCALOID6.

*The "NEWS" section of the screen varies depending on the time of year.