VOCALOID5 Voicebank “Luo Tianyi”, “Yan He” and “Yuezheng Ling” are now on sale.

We are pleased to announce that VOCALOID5 voicebanks "Luo Tianyi", "Yan He" and "Yuezheng Ling" will be available from today.

It is downloadable from this official VOCALOID SHOP.
*This is a Voicebank product and cannot be used stand-alone; separate editor software such as the VOCALOID6 or VOCALOID5 is required.
*This Voicebank is not a VOCALOID:AI Voicebank. VOCALOID6 can use this Voicebank on VOCALOID tracks.

Luo Tianyi - 夏虫
Yan He - 心音盒
Yuezheng Ling - 酒心吻