VOCALOID Authorizer Ver.1.0.0 Release

Today we released a "VOCALOID Authorizer Ver.1.0.0".

About VOCALOID Authorizer Ver.1.0.0

VOCALOID Authorizer is an application that "authorizes" VOCALOID products after installation and "deauthorizes" VOCALOID products before transferring them to another computer.
Previously, different applications were used to authorize and deauthorize each product, but now you can authorize and deauthorize most editor products, plugin products, and voice bank products using VOCALOID Authorizer.
Please use this application primarily to authorize and deauthorize products released before VOCALOID5, excluding VOCALOID1 and 2.

* This application is installed together with the following versions of the products, so customers who are currently using these products do not have to install this application again.

We hope you continue to enjoy creating songs with VOCALOID.