VOCALOID6 Editor Updater Version 6.4.0 Release

Applying this updater carries out the following updates:


The newest update can be downloaded from the following link:

*VOCALOID6 Editor V6.3.0 or later must be installed before updating to VOCALOID6 Voicebanks V6.3.0 or later. Update VOCALOID6 Editor and then update VOCALOID6 Voicebanks.

*If you want to run the VOCALOID AU or VOCALOID Bridge plug-ins (Logic Pro X only) in Logic Pro X or GarageBand on a Mac with Apple Silicon, turn on the “Open in Rosetta” setting in Logic Pro X or GarageBand.
See the Apple support page listed below for information on how to change the “Open in Rosetta” setting.

<How to use and install>
(For Mac) After mounting the .dmg file containing the downloaded updater, execute the .pkg file.
(For Windows) After decompressing the downloaded updater .zip file, open the .exe file.

We hope you continue to enjoy creating songs with VOCALOID.