Inquiry Policy – about Yamaha’s VOCALOID Products (for personal computers)

Please read this support policy carefully. If you agree to the policy, click [Agree and Inquire] at the bottom of this page to go on to the inquiry form.

Last updated: July 12, 2018

We provide this "Yamaha's VOCALOID Products Customer Support" as an assistance service to help you use our VOCALOID products comfortably To do so, we have developed the basic policy of our support, including periods and details of our support for our VOCALOID products, and stipulated the "Yamaha's VOCALOID Products Customer Support Policy" as shown below.

Please read and understand this support policy before you use Yamaha's VOCALOID Products Customer Support.

Also, please note that this support policy is subject to change without notice.

Service details

  • We provide possible answers to questions and measures against problems general consumers may have during basic operation of our products for regular purposes.
  • We provide information to troubleshoot your product's unexpected behavior that occurs when you use it in a way written clearly in the manual.
  • For customers considering the purchase of our products, we provide information about product specifications that may help you decide whether to make a purchase from us.
  • We provide information about the usage of the characters accompanying the products and synthesized voices created (for commercial and non-commercial purposes).

Hours we accept inquiries

Our business days (days other than Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays): 10am - 5pm JST

How to inquire

Please read this support policy carefully. If you agree to the policy, click [Agree and Inquire] at the bottom of this page to go on to the inquiry form.
Enter the required information, including the details of your inquiry, and send the form to us.
(* We accept inquiries only in the inquiry form and do not provide support via phone, letters, or face-to-face meeting.)

Supported products

Now on sale (VOCALOID SHOP (English site) Products)

  • VOCALO CHANGER PLUGIN Cross grade Edition(Download)
  • VOCALOID6 Editor (Download)
  • VOCALOID6 Editor Version Upgrade Edition (Download)
  • VOCALOID6 Voicebank ZOLA Project (Download)
  • VOCALOID6 Voicebank Po-uta (Download)
  • VOCALOID6 Voicebank Fuiro (Download)
  • VOCALOID VY1(Download)
  • VOCALOID VY2(Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Library Mirai Komachi(Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Library AZUKI (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Library MATCHA (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 AZUKI & MATCHA set (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Library yumemi nemu (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Library tone rion (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Library NemuRion set (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Library Fukase (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Library unity-chan! (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Library Rana V4 (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Library ARSLOID (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Library Sachiko (Download)
  • VOCALOID(TM)3 Library galaco (Download)
  • VOCALOID(TM)3 Library Anon Kanon (Download)
  • VOCALOID(TM)3 Library ZOLA PROJECT (Download)
  • VOCALOID(TM)3 Library Merli (Download)
  • VOCALOID(TM)3 Library Aoki Lapis (Download)
  • VOCALOID(TM)3 Library Mew (Download)

Discontinued products (including VOCALOID STORE Products)

  • VOCALOID5 STANDARD Version Upgrade Edition(Download)
  • VOCALOID5 PREMIUM Version Upgrade Edition(Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Editor (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Editor for Cubase (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Library VY1V4 (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Library CYBER DIVA (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Library CYBER SONGMAN (Download)
  • VOCALOID SHOP Selection (Download)
  • VOCALOID SHOP Selection Starter Pack (Download)
  • VOCALOID SHOP Selection Starter Pack for Cubase (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 ENGLISH Starter Pack (male & female)(Download)
  • VOCALOID4 ENGLISH Starter Pack for Cubase (male & female)(Download)
  • VOCALOID4 JAPANESE + ENGLISH Starter Pack (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 JAPANESE + ENGLISH Starter Pack for Cubase (Download)
  • CYBER DIVA Starter Pack(Download)
  • CYBER DIVA Starter Pack for Cubase(Download)
  • CYBER SONGMAN Starter Pack(Download)
  • CYBER SONGMAN Starter Pack for Cubase(Download)
  • Fukase Starter Pack(Download)
  • Fukase Starter Pack for Cubase(Download)
  • VOCALOID(TM)3 Library VY2V3 (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Editor Upgrade Version (Download)
  • VOCALOID4 Library VY1V4 Upgrade Version (Download)
  • VOCALOID(TM)3 Editor (Download)
  • VOCALOID(TM)3 Library VY1V3 (Download)
  • VOCALOID(TM)3 Library v flower (Download)
  • VOCALOID(TM)3 Library TONE RION (Download)
  • VOCALOID(TM)3 Job Plugin

※ For inquiries about Voice Banks other than the above and Bundle products of VOCALOID Editor, contact your Voice Bank's distributor (partner company with a license agreement with Yamaha Corporation).

Other software

  • Deactivation Tool
  • Yamaha Job Plugin

Products not covered

  • Trial version software
  • Library Import Tool

Scope of the support

  • About how to purchase and install products
  • About product operation methods written clearly in product manuals
  • About product licenses
  • About malfunctioning of product programs
  • About use of the characters and synthesized voices

These support services do not cover the following issues:

  • Inquiries about products not included in the "Supported products" list of Yamaha's VOCALOID Products Customer Support conditions, and inquiries about the functions linked with such products
    (This includes non-Yamaha products and the functions linked with them, like linking with a non-Yamaha DAW (Digital Audio Workstation).)
  • Inquiries about individual cases of selling and purchasing the products
    (Contact the retailer for advance orders, returns, and exchanges of the products.)
  • Inquiries about the operation, handling, and problems of products used in an environment not supported in the product specifications

    • Operation on a computer that does not fully meet hardware requirements (like a computer without sufficient RAM)
    • Inquiries based on a computer environment that has any problem in basic functionality (like a computer whose OS freezes frequently)
    • Inquiries based on a computer environment whose operation is not guaranteed by any manufacturer (such as home-made and store brand PCs)
    • Inquiries based on an environment where the OS (operating system) is not supported by Yamaha or where the OS manufacturer has ended support for the OS
    • Inquiries based on a virtual environment or on a Boot Camp environment running on an Apple device
    • Inquiries based on an environment where System Restore (Windows), Time Machine/Migration Assistant (Mac), or any other image backup has been used
  • Inquiries based on product versions to which the latest updater from Yamaha's VOCALOID Products Customer Support is not applied
  • Inquiries about tutorials and learning beyond the scope of basic operation of VOCALOID products
    (Please use books or other learning resources, or contact educational facilities.)

    • Inquiries about advanced VOCALOID production techniques, such as how to create more human-like singing
    • Inquiries about basic knowledge, know-how, techniques, and music theories of computer music and music production
    • Inquiries about basic knowledge and operation of computers and OSs
    • Inquiries about basic operation and settings of operating environments
  • Inquiries for research and explanation of any part related to product algorithms and technologies (like voice synthesis)
  • Inquiries about usage of the products for purposes not originally intended by us (such as song writing and editing)
  • Inquiries about operation that breaches the End User License Agreement (EULA)
  • Inquiries when legitimate use of the products cannot be ensured (such as when the product serial code is unknown)
  • Reissuing of product serial codes
  • Inquiries about malfunctioning or problems caused by any negligence or improper use by the customer, and warranty of loss in such cases
  • Warranty of data corruption and data loss
  • Warranty of economic damages caused by any malfunctioning or similar reasons
  • Warranty of time loss or economic damages incurred for resolving (repairing) any problem
  • Warranty of any damages, whether direct or indirect, including lost profits, and of any damages incidental to them
  • Matters deemed by us to be out of the scope of our support

Please note the following when you use our support services:

  • We may ask you to provide related information required for answering your inquiry.
    If the information is insufficient (such as when any required information is not provided), we may not be able to provide appropriate support.
  • Basically, you can inquire free of charge. However, depending on the details or the number of inquiries, we may ask you to use fee-charging support services provided by our affiliated company.
  • Once we accept an inquiry, we first confirm that the inquiry is within the scope of our support. Eligible inquiries are handled in the order in which they are received.
    However, depending on the details and situation of the issue, it may take more time to solve or we cannot provide appropriate support if, for example, we cannot reproduce the problem or the problem occurs only in a special situation.
  • If an inquiry contains more than one question, we will handle each question as a separate issue.
    Therefore, it may take more time for us to reply.

Suggestions of technologies and ideas

  • Unfortunately, we cannot accept suggestions of technologies and ideas (ideas for new products and improving existing products, etc.).
    For details of our policy, refer to the following page:
    "Technical Idea Submission Policy"

Requests before making an inquiry

  • Check the Support page(
    and the FAQ page ( the question you want to ask.
    You may find what you are looking for sooner.
  • For inquiries about how to use Editor, please read the relevant sections of the user manual before you make an inquiry.
  • Apply the latest updater before you make an inquiry.
    For Editor products, only the latest version is covered by VOCALOID Products Customer Support.
    * If you choose to use an older version, we cannot provide support for the product.
  • Before you make an inquiry, please confirm that your environment meets the system requirements.
    When the manufacturer ends support for an OS (operating system) on which operation of your VOCALOID product is guaranteed, we will also end operation support of your VOCALOID product on that OS.

Completion of an inquiry

  • If we determine that an inquiry is within the scope of our support, we will provide a solution or workaround for the problem.
    In principle, an issue is deemed completed when the customer notifies us that the issue has been solved. If the customer does not send such a notification, the issue is deemed temporarily completed when we provide the relevant information.

Other contact for inquiries

  • Contact for corporate customers
    For inquiries from corporate customers, please visit the VOCALOID BUSINESS website.
    [Examples of corporate customers]
    • Customers considering the VOCALOID business
    • Customers who want to use the VOCALOID trademark
    • Customers who want to use VOCALOID for educational purposes

Handling of information

  • We will appropriately handle all the information entered into the inquiry form (Yamaha's VOCALOID Products Customer Center inquiry), in accordance with Yamaha Corporation's Privacy Policy.
  • We will appropriately handle any data provided by you for your inquiry, in accordance with Yamaha Corporation's Privacy Policy.
  • Any provided information that does not include any personal information may be shared among our relevant departments for future improvement of our products and services.
  • For details of our privacy policy, refer to the following page:
    Our Privacy Policy
  • The copyright and other intellectual property rights of information provided by Yamaha's VOCALOID Products Customer Support will belong to Yamaha Corporation or the provider of the information.