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Activation and Deactivation - VOCALOID Product Registration 1. Basic Knowledge

This page gives instructions regarding the basic structure of the registration of VOCALOID products, and how to register -Activate and Deactivate- them.
Reading and understanding the information described here will give you the knowledge necessary to transport the authentication information to another computer as your new working environment.
It can also help you when you need to re-install or change your operating system, so that you will be able to keep using the same product with same serial code.

Please keep in mind the following:

You can continue using the same VOCALOID product on a new computer. You can continue using the same VOCALOID product on a re-installed operating system.

Please become familiar with the VOCALOID product registration process.

Terms of Use of VOCALOID Products
- One product license per one computer -

In order to proceed, please refer to and confirm the terms of use of your VOCALOID product, as it states one license of the product only grants you use in one computer.
That is, you can't register a product with one license on multiple computers. If you need to install and use the product on more than one computer, please purchase the same number of products as the number of computers you wish to install the product on.

Excerpt from End User's License Agreement
Article 2 (License)
2. User is permitted to install one editor and Voice Bank into one computer per license.

Activation and Deactivation
-Receiving and releasing the authentication information-


To use VOCALOID products, Authentication Information is necessary.
The user receives it by submitting the serial code included in the product to the authentication server for the registration application.
This process is generally called "activation".
It can be executed by a program where the VOCALOID product is installed.

Authentication Information



Conversely, the user returns the "Authentication Information" back to authentication server when he or she stops using the product. This is called "Deactivation".
This is done when the user changes to a new computer to use the product, and/or re-installs the operating system.


Summary of Basic Knowledge
-It is up to the user to receive and return Authentication Information-

It was a bit of a long instruction. We hope it was not confusing.
The important points you need to keep in mind are the following two points.

You will need to receive Authentication Information to use VOCALOID products. Your Authentication Information can be transmitted between you and the server (either receiving or returning) at any time of your choice.

With these points in mind, let's go to the next step, which explains detailed instructions in specific cases.