New Product “VOCALOID6 Voicebank AI Hibiki Koto” is released

Yamaha Corporation released today new AI Voicebank "AI Hibiki Koto".
AI Hibiki Koto is the virtual vocal voicebank based on voice of "Leon Tachibana" who is a Japanese singer.

This voice bank is optimized for VOCALOID6's AI technology and realizes unprecedented singing voice freedom with natural expression.Depending on your direction, you can create a variety of singing voices, from natural human-like singing voices to futuristic robot voices.

VOCALOID6 AI Hibiki Koto Official Demo

It is downloadable from this official VOCALOID SHOP.
*This is a Voicebank product and cannot be used stand-alone; separate editor software such as the VOCALOID6 Version 6.3.0 or higher is required.