Announcement of “galacoTalk” distribution and support end date

We would like to inform you of the distribution and support end date for "galacoTalk," a purchase bonus for "VOCALOID3 Library galaco."

Microsoft support for Windows 8.1 ended on January 10, 2023 (Windows 10 and Windows 11 are not supported).

Therefore, we will end distribution and support for "galacoTalk" on the following dates:

15th February 2023 (Wed)
- End of distribution of "galacoTalk" to new purchasers of "VOCALOID3 Library galaco."
- End of support for "galacoTalk" except for deactivation of authorization information.

31th March 2024 (Sun)
- End of support for deactivation of authorization information for "galacoTalk".

Note 1: "galacoTalk" will be included with the purchase of "VOCALOID3 Library galaco" until February 15, 2023.
Note 2: Even after February 16 2023, Customers who registered a VOCALOID ID and purchased "VOCALOID3 Library galaco" before 15 February 2023 can download "galacoTalk" from the VOCALOID SHOP download code confirmation link included in the e-mail you receive when you purchased the product.