Voicebank created based on the voice of actress and singer, Ko Shibasaki.

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*This is a Voicebank product and cannot be used stand-alone; separate editor software such as the VOCALOID6 is required.

This product includes the Tiny VOCALOID™3 Editor, which allows you to create 17-measure vocal parts in a Windows environment.

*Due to Microsoft's end of support for Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 8.1, there is no longer a Windows environment where operation can be guaranteed for the bonus Galaco Talk, so distribution and support will end on February 15, 2023.
However, support for unlocking authentication information will be accepted until March 31, 2024.

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Voice Bank created based on the voice of actress and singer, Ko Shibasaki.

galaco RED
Has a clear, solid voice.
Ko Shibasaki's singing voice is reproduced realistically, with a bright, distinct voice.
It is particularly well-suited to electropop, rock, and other similar up-tempo music.

galaco BLUE
Has a soft, moody voice.
Each and every word is voiced smoothly and with depth.
Even when used for the chorus, it has versatility to make the most of galaco RED's characteristics. It works particularly well with pop and ballads.

Demo songs


Character Name:Galaco

Thanks to an idea by Ko Shibasaki, the character came into existence as an image character of the music unit galaxias!(Ko Shibasaki + DECO*27 + TeddyLoid). Later, through collaboration with VOCALOID, the character was newly reborn as VOCALOID Galaco. At that time, the illustrators KEI and Tamago took part in the illustration.

Illustrator: Jiro Tomioka
© Yamaha Corporation/STARDUST MUSIC,INC. /INTERNET Co.,Ltd. All Rights Reserved.

Character Voice:Ko Shibasaki

Born in Tokyo in 1981.
Debuted as actress in 1998. Won Japan Academy Prize in 2002 for GO, as well as other new face awards. Since that time, she has appeared in numerous movies, TV dramas, commercial films, and other productions. In addition to being a leading actress in Japan, she has been active in the music industry since 2002.

Ko Shibasaki
Official Website

* Japanese version only


Bonus contents

Customers who buy this product can obtain the bonus below.

Galaco voice material

* Bonus content may change without notice.

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●VOCALOID SERIAL CODE: Needed to activate VOCALOID™3 Library galaco.
●VOCALOID SHOP DOWNLOAD CODE: Needed to download your installer program.

This product is valid for use on one computer only.
You cannot use it on Windows and Mac OS X simultaneously.
If you would like to use this product on both platforms or on multiple computers at the same time, please purchase an additional copy.
* Since the download file is very large, please make sure you have a fast internet connection (mobile internet connections are not recommended).

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Product name VOCALOID3 Library galaco
Product model number GALACO2
Hard disk space 3GB(*)
Sales Yamaha Corporation
Planning SDR, INC.
Yamaha Corpoartion
Language RED: Japanese
BLUE: Japanese
Recommended range RED: F2 - G4
BLUE: E2 - F#4
Recommended tempo RED: 60 - 175BPM
BLUE: 90 - 195BPM

(*) This only includes the Voice Bank product.
Editor and DAW software requires additional disk space.

VOCALOID3 Library galaco

USD 115.32 (before tax)

Go to Cart * Please check the notes in advance.