Voicebank created based on the singing voice of Sachiko Kobayashi, one of Japan's most famous singers.

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- Powerful and clear voice
"An overwhelmingly soulful voice that vividly expresses the creator's passion"
Reproduce the enchanting singing voice of the one and only Sachiko Kobayashi with VOCALOID.

Planned by Yamaha Corporation in cooperation with Sachiko Promotion, Inc. This singing Voice Bank, created based on the voice of Sachiko Kobayashi, one of Japan's most famous singers of popular songs and Enka, has been developed as a new frontier for VOCALOID. This is an overwhelmingly soulful singing voice that vividly expresses the creator's passion. Create expressive vocal performances with
profound feeling and a beautifully forceful singing voice, from the bass to treble ranges.

Includes the Job Plugin "Sachikobushi"
The Job Plugin "Sachikobushi" was created by analyzing unique characteristics, such as kobushi (irregular fluctuations in pitch) and shakuri (shifting up in pitch), in the voice data of Sachiko Kobayashi's
previous catalog, allowing you to easily reproduce this singing style. Use the simple operations to select your favorite effects and reproduce Sachiko Kobayashi's style of singing.
*Job Plugin"Sachikobushi" cannot be used with VOCALOID5.
As a bonus, this bundle also includes over 400 diverse voice samples recorded by Sachiko Kobayashi herself from standard call out to unique ones, such as "I will sing!", "Let's Go", to "Clap your hands!" and "Descend!".

Demo songs


Character Name:Sachiko

Illustration: Foo Midori

【Comment from Foo Midori】
From her far-reaching success in real life and on the Internet, Sachiko Kobayashi is known as a strong woman.
This product incorporates many elements of modern Japan while also maintaining her image of strength.
Since Sachiko Kobayashi is from Niigata Prefecture, her kimono and headdress designs feature the Yukitsubaki
(snow camellia), which is the official flower of Niigata and also the title of one of her hit songs.

Character Voice:Sachiko Kobayashi

Born in Niigata in 1953. Debuted professionally in 1964 after being discovered by Masao Koga. In 1979, "Omoidezake" became a hit song and sold 2 million copies. This led to numerous music awards, including Best Vocal Performance
Award at the Japan Record Award. That same year she appeared on NHK's Red and White Year-end Song Festival, her first of 33 consecutive appearances. She is popular with fans of all ages due to her work in a wide variety of genres,
such as singing the theme song to Mewtwo Strikes Back, the first movie in the Pocket Monsters series, and singing the theme song and appearing as a voi

Bonus contents

Customers who buy this product can obtain the bonus below.

Sachiko voice material

Job Plugin Sachikobushi
*Job Plugin"Sachikobushi" cannot be used with VOCALOID5.

Bonus content may change without notice.

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Product name VOCALOID4 Library Sachiko
Product model number SACHIKO
Hard disk space 4GB(*)
Sales Yamaha Corporation
Planning Yamaha Corporation
Language Japanese Only
Recommended range D2 - B3
Recommended tempo 60 - 175BPM

(*) This only includes the Voice Bank product.
Editor and DAW software requires additional disk space.

VOCALOID4 Library Sachiko

USD 108.11 (before tax)

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