Shiki Rowen AI

「Shiki Rowen」 is the virtual vocal voicebank based on the voice of voice actor and Kemono Vtuber "Yuma Homurano" which can sing in from male key to female key.

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USD 90.00 (before tax)

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*This is a Voicebank product and cannot be used stand-alone; Separatly, you need the latest version of VOCALOID6 Editor or VOCALO CHANGER PLUGIN.
*This product includes both installers for VOCALOID6 Editor and VOCALO CHANGER PLUGIN.

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Shiki Rowen is a voice bank recorded and produced exclusively for VOCALOID AI.
It is characterised by its smooth and clear male voice.

Demo songs


Character Name:Shiki Rowen

Character Voice: Yuma Homurano

Character Design:Yuma Homurano

Character Designer page

* Japanese version only.

To use it, you must first agree to the following characters guidelines.

Character Guidlines

Shiki Rowen

©MUGEN co.,ltd

System requirements

VOCALOID Editor system requirements
VOCALO CHANGER PLUGIN system requirements

The total required hard disk space is the total for each usage environment.

When purchasing

This product is available as a download.
An email with the following information will be sent to you as soon as the purchase process is completed.
●VOCALOID SERIAL CODE: Needed to activate your product.
●VOCALOID SHOP DOWNLOAD CODE: Needed to download your installer program.

This product is valid for use on one computer only.
You cannot use it on Windows and Mac simultaneously.
If you would like to use this product on both platforms or on multiple computers at the same time, please purchase an additional copy.

* This product is available as a download. A physical product will not be shipped.
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Official website

* Japanese version only


Product name VOCALOID6 Voicebank Shiki Rowen AI
Product model number V6VB_SHIKIROWEN
Hard disk space 30MB(*)
Sales Yamaha Corporation
Planning MUGEN co.,ltd
Language Japanese(mother tongue),English,Chinese

(*) This only includes the Voicebank product.
Editor and DAW software or VOCALO CHANGER PLUGIN requires additional disk space.

VOCALOID6 Voicebank Shiki Rowen AI

USD 90.00 (before tax)

Go to Cart * Please check the notes in advance.