The main characters of the PS Vita games Utagumi 575 and Miracle Girls Festival, as well as the anime Go! Go! 575, Azuki Masaoka (voice actress Yuka Ohtsubo), have finally been made into VOCALOID Voicebanks!

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- This is a special VOCALOID4 Voice Bank set that features the Voice Banks for Azuki Masaoka, the main 
characters of the PS Vita games Utagumi 575 and Miracle Girls Festival, and the anime Go! Go! 575.
- She has a peppy, positive sounding voice, and is recommended for cute, colorful rock and pop songs. 
- This special downloadable set is only available at the official VOCALOID website, the VOCALOID Shop.
- She is also available with VOCALOID4 Voice Bank MATCHA in a special “VOCALOID4 AZUKI & MATCHA” set.

Demo songs


Character Name:AZUKI

This Voice Bank is based on the character Azuki Masaoka, who first appeared in the PS Vita game Utagumi 575, 
which is a rhythm and word building game, where players sing and dance over melodies while trying to build 
traditional Japanese 5-7-5 tanka and haiku poems.

Azuki Masaoka Profile

Height: 154cm
Blood Type: O
Birthday: June 11th
Sign: Gemini

Azuki is a lively, cheerful, and positive girl. She often wears her heart on her sleeve, and can be very direct with 
others. People seem to gravitate toward her dynamic personality, but this can also make her become lost in the 
moment, without thinking about the consequences…

Official Website

Project 575 Official Website

*Japanese version only.

Character Design: Hiro Kanzaki

Hiro Kanzaki Twitter

*Japanese version only.

Character Policy

See the below link about the character policy.

Character Policy

*Japanese version only.

Character Voice:Yuka Ohtsubo

Voice actress, Singer
from Chiba

Representative Work:
Kyoko Toshinou in Yuru Yuri, and Kanako Mimura in THE iDOLM@STER: Cinderella Girls.

Yuka Otsubo Official profile

*Japanese version only.


Bonus contents

Customers who buy this product can obtain the bonus below.

A special desktop wallpaper illustrated by Hiro Kanzaki

VOCALOID4 sequence file (VSQX) for sound checks

Bonus content may change without notice.

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Product name VOCALOID4 Library AZUKI
Product model number AZUKI
Hard disk space 600MB(*)
Sales Yamaha Corporation
Planning SEGA Holdings Co., Ltd.
Language Japanese
Recommended range F2 - C4
Recommended tempo 70 - 180BPM

(*) This only includes the Voice Bank product.
Editor and DAW software requires additional disk space.


USD 81.08 (before tax)

Go to Cart * Please check the notes in advance.