Q. I can't launch VOCALOID3 Editor with ethernet cable unplugged, receiving a message "can't find authentication device".

Some Computer has the automatic function that disables network device when ethernet cable is unplugged from the machine.

If you appoint network device as the activation device of VOCALOID3 products, it may cause a failure of the activation key check because the key device is disabled by that function and hence the application can't find the device.

To avoid the problem please try reactivating the application using your hard disk drive as the activation device.

If your activation reaches the maximum number, please contact our VOCALOID3 customer support center with the product title and its serial number.

For Voice Bank manufactured by other licensee, please contact appropriate manufacturer regarding the problem.

If you are unable to find a solution in the Troubleshooting section, please use the Inquiry Form to submit an inquiry.

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