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I receive an error dialog of "A8C9BBB3-484B-8543-B20F049E2124(-1)" (the last digit is either (-1) or (-2) and can't complete the installation.

Category:VOCALOID3 Editor


If you receive an error message with numbers end with (-1) or (-2), the installation program fails because it can't write/read registry data, or it doesn't have the authority to modify the registry.

Please try the following:

*1) Set the install disk on the drive.
- If automatic playback window appears, please press [X] to abort it.
- If automatic execution window appears, please press [X] to abort it.

*2) Click "Computer" from Start Menu.

*3) Right Click on the drive the disk is being set, and click "Open" on the context menu.

*4) Right Click on the setup.exe inside "Installer Folder", and then click on "Run as Admininstrator".
- After that, please follow the normal installation step.

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VOCALOID Starter Pack Series

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