Q. The message "The maximum number of My Singers has been exceeded, and therefore some installed singers cannot be used. You can resolve this by using Singer Editor to delete unneeded singers from My Singers, and then restarting the Editor." appears, and some singers cannot be used.

Delete unneeded singers from My Singers using Singer Editor.

- How to delete singers from My Singers

If you delete a singer by selecting "Delete" in the My Singers settings in the Settings window of the Singer Editor, it is not then necessary to uninstall the Voice Bank afterward.

However, if the problem is not solved by deleting unneeded singers from My Singers, or if the message "Cannot delete singer!" is displayed when you select "Delete" and you cannot delete singers, you will need to uninstall the unneeded Voice Banks.

- Maximum number of My Singers

You can register up to 128 singers in each language.

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