Q. I entered notes and played them, but I cannot hear any sound.

Any of the following factors may be the cause. Please eliminate each factor in the order below.

1. Disable the Mute/Solo setting in track editor.

2. If the master fader is turned down at the bottom of the mixer screen, raise it up to the 0dB position.

3. Disable all Mute/Solo settings on the mixer screen.

4. Check that the dynamics or volume automation values in the control parameters are not set to zero.

5. If you select a voicebank that is not authenticated, no sound will be produced. You can check whether a voice has been authenticated using VOCALOID Authorizer.

6. Please check if the appropriate device is set in the audio device settings in Preferences.

7. If you apply the song data to your voicebank from "VPR file" or "VSQX file" with a different language, you may not hear any sound even though the lyrics are displayed. Please re-input the lyrics to be sung.

If you are unable to find a solution in the Troubleshooting section, please use the Inquiry Form to submit an inquiry.

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