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Give some singing voices a listen! - Listening Room of VOCALOID Voice Banks

VOCALOID series features a variety of Voice Banks. The lineup includes many different voices, each with their own unique appeal and personality, for a variety of musical genres, atmospheres, and world views. We created a list of voice samples for the VOCALOID3 and VOCALOID4 Voice Banks. If you find a VOCALOID you like, check the product page!

Click the play button to listen to a voice.
* Voices may not play on certain devices.

VOCALOID English Voice Banks

*MAIKA is designed to sing in Spanish, but contains a wide range of phonemes that will also cover parts of other languages.

VOCALOID Chinese Voice Bank

VOCALOID Japanese Voice Banks

※ MAIKA is a Spanish Voice Bank. In order to MAIKA sing in English requires a dedicated Job Plug-in.